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Mandatory CHEER COACHES Clinic

MANDATORY CHEER COACHES clinic will be Saturday, July 21st from 9 am - 12 pm in the HFL B gym (same place as last year).

Joanne Small and Laura VanLaeken will be our speakers.

FLYFCL Address
Posted Mar 30, 2018

PO Box 35
Lyons, NY 14489

Posted Apr 7, 2012

2018 FLYFCL Executive Board Members

The Executive Board is made up of elected officials from various teams throughout the league. Each position is elected for a two year term. Listed below is each position member, their selected position, and their perspective teams. If you would like to provide feedback, comments or suggestion to Executive Board Member please e-mail the appropriate board member. If you are unsure we you should contact please use the form on the Contact page.


President                          Eric Jansen               Unaffiliated

Vice President                 Rob Meehan               HF-L

Treasurer                         Cathy Comfort             Unaffiliated

District Secretary            Jaime Richardson     Unaffiliated

Cheerleading Director     Rachel Rivera          HF-L

Executive Secretary                            

Football Director             Bob Patterelli            Clyde-Savannah

Public Relations            Sarah Lincoln             Midlakes 

At Large Position           Everett Ferguson      Marcus Whitman