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2018-2019 NFF Scholar-Athlete Nomination Form

2018-2019 Football Player and Cheerleader Scholar-Athlete NFF Nomination Form for Youth, High School, & College Scholar Athletes

Minimum requirements are a B average and either an All-League Selection, or Captain, Community service is preferred but not required. Every school in Section V should have one high school Senior to honor at the banquet. One youth nominee per program. Youth award winners should be at B team or A team level (5th Grade and above). Top high school candidates will be eligible for scholarship money for college. To receive a scholarship, award winner must be present or have a representative from his/her school present to receive the award.
*Coaching Staffs, Teachers and School Administrators all invited to attend this event*

(To be considered, your application must be received by Friday, November 2, 2018)


The NFF Committee feels that there is at least one Senior member of your team that exemplifies the characteristics to which this award is given. We are looking for applicants that have shown the ability and attitude to play the game of football or cheerlead well. However, academic success and community service are as compelling qualifications for nominating someone for this award. Ideally, the player you nominate will have achievement in all three of these areas. Please do not neglect to nominate someone from your program.

Our Mission Vision and Values
Posted Apr 7, 2012

Mission Statement:

To provide a Football and Cheerleading League that will benefit children by establishing rules and regulations governing such games, contest, competitions, and exhibitions classifying those who participate therein; determining and defining awards and prizes for winning contest, defining and awarding tokens and insignia of championships, determining and defining breaches and infractions of its rules and regulations, and imposing penalties as set forth in the Bylaws and in accordance with the law.


The FLYFCL gives children an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading with proper adult supervision and adequate equipment in a safe environment.

1. Improve the physical health of our children with training, conditioning, and exercise that emphasizes participation and safety.

2. Enhance the psychological well being of our children by reinforcing positive self-image, fairness, and participation.

3. Use teamwork, sportsmanship, appropriate behavior, and common decency to guide our children in social skills.

4. Help our children to understand and appreciate the value of personal effort and dedication to team effort.