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Welcome to the 2021 Football and Cheer Season

Our next Presidents meeting is Wednesday, May 26th at 7 pm. Check your emails for the zoom link. This meeting will be VIRTUAL ONLY.

Our Mission Vision and Values
Posted Apr 7, 2012

Mission Statement:

To provide a Football and Cheerleading League that will benefit children by establishing rules and regulations governing such games, contest, competitions, and exhibitions classifying those who participate therein; determining and defining awards and prizes for winning contest, defining and awarding tokens and insignia of championships, determining and defining breaches and infractions of its rules and regulations, and imposing penalties as set forth in the Bylaws and in accordance with the law.


The FLYFCL gives children an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading with proper adult supervision and adequate equipment in a safe environment.

1. Improve the physical health of our children with training, conditioning, and exercise that emphasizes participation and safety.

2. Enhance the psychological well being of our children by reinforcing positive self-image, fairness, and participation.

3. Use teamwork, sportsmanship, appropriate behavior, and common decency to guide our children in social skills.

4. Help our children to understand and appreciate the value of personal effort and dedication to team effort.