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Sports Related Concussion Information

Public Health Law - Section 2595. Football programs; information on concussions.

Effective, 12/2/2019 tackle football programs in New York State are required to provide an informational packet about concussions and sub-concussive blows, and the injuries that might occur as a result of receiving such blows, to the parents or guardians of all children participating in tackle football programs.

Tackle football programs include any practice, game or other activity which involves engaging in tackle football and which is organized by a school, adult, or public or private league or other entity whose purpose is to allow children to participate in contact football.

The informational packet of resources provided below can be downloaded free of charge for distribution. Programs can select those resources that are most appropriate. Suggestions for distribution may include posting these resources to program websites, sharing via email or providing in print.

2019 NYS Elite Athletic Football Clinic

When: July 22 - 24 from 6 - 8 pm

Where: Lyons High School TURF Field

Who: C, B, and A aged Players

Camp Fee: $70 ($80 after July 8th)
($10 for EVERY Camper will be DONATED back to their youth program)

3rd Annual NYS Elite Athletics Finger Lakes Youth Football Camp is designed to not only teach every participant each position in a safe and fun environment, but also an opportunity for them to work closely with their future high school coaches and their youth coaches. Each participant will receive a T-Shirt if
registered before July 8th.

The camp will be run by top rated high school and youth coaches from some of the following
Clyde Savannah, Dundee ER/Gananda, Geneva, HFL, Jordan-Elbridge Lyons, Marcus Whitman, Midlakes, Newark, Pal Mac, Penn Yan, Red Jacket, Seneca Falls, Skaneateles, Waterloo and Wayne

Register online at:

David Marean -585-298-0897

Participants will be wearing youth issued helmets, this camp will NOT supply helmets. Mouth guards and cleats are Recommended also. No lower body gear is needed. This will be a NON-contact camp, with the emphasis on providing each participant with football fundamentals.

Finger Lakes Youth Presidents, Coaches and Officials Interpretation Meeting
The date for the Fingerlakes Youth Presidents, Coaches and Officials interpretation meeting (mandatory) will be held at the Phelps American Legion on Thursday, August 10th at 7pm.
Recent Question/Discussion - Coaches on the field during a contest I would like to see penalty administration/enforcements consistant to High School rules.
1st Offence - Warning
2nd Offence - 5yd penalty
3rd Offence - 15yd penalty (1st unsportsmanlike)
4th Offence - 15yd penalty (2nd unsportsmanlike - coach disqualification)
If an official runs into a coach that is on the field of play or any sideline penalty is deemed to be flagrant, the referee will immediately enforce an unsportsmanlike foul and "possible" disqualification. A second unsportsmanlike foul is always a disqualification.
Sideline restricted area. Coaches, trainers, statisticians, players, are not to be in the restricted area at the snap. However, at this level this rule is a gray area for officials depending on existing sideline decorum. I would like to discuss this at our meeting then be sure that our officials are also clear on our conversation.
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    Download the Arkansas Wishbone Offense Playbook

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    Today?s playbook breakdown is on the 1970s Arkansas Wishbone Offense. It?s a really well laid out playbook from the Lou Holtz era (that?s the claim anyway). Plenty to learn from any football coach, whether you run the Option or not!

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    A lot has changed over the last 12 years since I started running Quarters Coverage. It?s a pattern match coverage that requires you to have some pretty good Safeties. But if you?ve got the horses, and the time to teach it? this is a great way to coach a winning football defense!

    Check out the episode for an in-depth look at updating Quarters Coverage for the 2020 Season.

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    We?ll break down the ASKA for coaching defensive line play in this great defensive front. Alignment, Stance, Key Reads and Assignments for your base 4-3 Defensive Line.

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    I can end your search for the Holy Grail of defense right now. It doesn?t exist. But there is definitely a right defense for you to latch onto and become the expert at. This episode is going to help you choose the best football defense for you and your football team. Then help you stick to it.

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Heads Up Football- Highlight reel
Posted Apr 7, 2012

Team Eligibility
A player must meet the requirements of a division (Flag, C, B, A) to be eligible to play in that division.  The participant must meet the age and grade requirements for the division in which they wish to play. The official FLYFCL, Inc. Division eligibility is charted below.

Flag:           5, 6 & 7 year olds in Kindergarten, in 1st & 2nd grades
C Team: 8-10 year olds  in 3rd & 4th grades
B-Team: 10-12 year olds in 5th & 6th grades
A-Team: 12-14 year olds  in 7th & 8th grades

A player is eligible to play up one level with Parent and Club approval.
No player is eligible to play down a level.
No player is eligible who is in high school.


*League Age is defined as the players age on December 1 of the current year. Example: If a player turns 14 after December 1 of the current year, they are considered league age 13. This applies to all divisions.

**Requires parental, team and league approval

Important coaching information:

  • Each class within a team shall have no more than one (1) Head Coach, four (4) Assistant Coaches, and at each team’s discretion there shall be no more than three (3) helpers on the sidelines during any scheduled game, at no time is this figure to exceed eight (8) Coaches/Helpers on the sidelines.


  • All individuals accepting an organization’s invitation to serve as Head or Assistant Coach must obtain certification through USA Football.


  • Only the Head Coach may request an interpretation of an Official’s ruling during games.


  • During the first 10 hours of mandatory conditioning, head coaches have the option of having their players wear helmets and/or shoulder pads.