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Happy New year!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the 2018 Season. We are looking forward to a successful season.

2018 NYS Elite Athletic Football Clinic
Exciting 2018 Events with NYS Elite Athletics:

7on7 Passing League - (May 20th, 27th, June 3rd and 10th)

2nd Annual NYS Elite 7on7 Sunday Passing League

SAVE $50 by registering TODAY

Coach's and/or Parents organize your own team and sign up TODAY to SAVE $50 (after May 1st price goes up $50).

(print out the attached flyer and mail in your registration TODAY)

First 6 Teams in each division are in, so make sure to register before it fills up!

Also if you do not have a team we are offering individual players to sign up for $50

(just fill out the team name on the registration as "Individual" and we will assign you to a team)

"The 1st Annual NYS Elite Athletics 7on7 season was a great experience for the players, coaches, and parents.

Everyone commented on how well it was conducted and the fun the boys had playing. It was an invaluable offseason event for the

youth players and coaches to be able to organize and play 7on7. We plan to be back next year.

Thanks for all the hard work by your group to do this for our children."

-Steve D'Anna, HFL Youth Coach and Parent‚Äč

Click to watch last years

7on7 Sunday League Video

Football Team Camp - (July 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th)
Youth Football Camp - (July 23rd, 24th and 25th)
Finger Lakes Youth Presidents, Coaches and Officials Interpretation Meeting
The date for the Fingerlakes Youth Presidents, Coaches and Officials interpretation meeting (mandatory) will be held at the Phelps American Legion on Thursday, August 10th at 7pm.
Recent Question/Discussion - Coaches on the field during a contest I would like to see penalty administration/enforcements consistant to High School rules.
1st Offence - Warning
2nd Offence - 5yd penalty
3rd Offence - 15yd penalty (1st unsportsmanlike)
4th Offence - 15yd penalty (2nd unsportsmanlike - coach disqualification)
If an official runs into a coach that is on the field of play or any sideline penalty is deemed to be flagrant, the referee will immediately enforce an unsportsmanlike foul and "possible" disqualification. A second unsportsmanlike foul is always a disqualification.
Sideline restricted area. Coaches, trainers, statisticians, players, are not to be in the restricted area at the snap. However, at this level this rule is a gray area for officials depending on existing sideline decorum. I would like to discuss this at our meeting then be sure that our officials are also clear on our conversation.
Football PodCasts
  • S02E17 The Basics of Coaching Run-Pass Options

    Thu, 26 Apr 2018 09:30:00 +0000It may be the hot new thing in football, but coaching RPOs is here to stay. Check out this simple primer for adding Run-Pass Options to your Offensive System.

    Thinking about coaching RPOs in your offensive system? There?s a few things to consider first.

    This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast is a basic introduction to using Run Pass Options, no matter what offensive system you currently run. If you can add this new phase to your offensive attack, you could really open up the scoring next season!

  • S02E16 How to Coach Option Keys for Your Quarterback

    Thu, 19 Apr 2018 09:30:00 +0000If you can?t block ?em, read ?em. That?s what the Option Gurus like to say? but how do we read ?em!? Listen to find out!

    I love Option Football. Any style. Flexbone Option, Split back Veer, Zone Read Option, or today?s most advanced Run Pass Option plays. At the end of the day, it?s all option reads.

    This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast focuses on coaching option reads for your Quarterback. How do you read the Dive Key? How do you attack the Pitch Key?

    Check out this week?s Football Coaching Podcast to find out!

  • S02E15 The 1996 Miami Hurricanes 4-3 Defense Playbook

    Thu, 12 Apr 2018 09:30:00 +0000The Miami 4-3 Defense is one of the most successful defenses of the last 30 years. Let?s break down the 1996 Miami Hurricanes 4-3 Defense Playbook.

    The Miami 4-3 Defense is one of my favorite defensive schemes out there. In the previous episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we talked about the foundations.

    In this episode, I?ll dive into the 1996 Miami Hurricanes 4-3 Defense playbook. This very detailed playbook gives a look at how the defense was evolving throughout the 1990?s at the college level.

  • S02E14 The Miami 4-3 Defense

    Thu, 05 Apr 2018 09:30:00 +0000How did the Miami 4-3 Defense come to be one of the most popular defenses in football today? Here?s the background.

    When Jimmy Johnson installed his 4-3 Defense at the University of Miami, he built a great defense. It continues to expand and adapt with the evolution of offensive football, year after year.

    In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we?ll look back at the origins of the 4-3 Defense, before Miami. The Even 4-3 Defense and Tom Landry?s Flex 4-3 Defense get examined.

    Then we?ll break down the basic philosophy and foundations of the Miami 4-3 Defense that I teach today in our 4-3 Defense System.

    You can get my Free 3 Video Series right now to learn how to teach and install the Miami 4-3 Defense. Visit to get instant access!

    Show Links

    4-3 Defense for Football is one of my first YouTube videos from several years ago, on the basics of the Miami 4-3 Defense

    Coaching Football?s 4-3 Defense by Tim Simons and Mike Freeman, book from Amazon

    Is There Any Way to Explain Football?s Most Confusing, Convoluted, Intellectually Taxing, Perhaps-No-Longer-So-Great Defense? From D Magazine

    The Landry Flex 43 and the Even 43 from Cowboys Nation

    The 43 Flex, from Tom Landry to Rob Ryan from Code and Football

    Coaching Football?s Double Eagle Flex Defense by Ted Amorosi, book from Amazon

    (I love the 4-3 Defense, I doubt you?ll ever see this many links in the show notes again!)

  • S02E13 Call a Run or a Pass?

    Thu, 29 Mar 2018 09:30:00 +0000Run or Pass? What should you call? Here?s how to decide.

    When you?re putting together your playbook, you?ve got a good idea of what you like to do. You?re either a running team, or a passing offense.

    But how do you know what to call during the game? Should you try for balance, or take what the defense gives you?

    In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we?ll talk about when to call a run vs pass and why should make that decision!

  • S02E12 Coaching Quarterbacks to Read Coverages

    Thu, 22 Mar 2018 09:30:00 +0000

    Increase your completion percentages and get better pass protection by coaching your Quarterback to read coverages.

    In the Pistol Power Offense System we have a great passing system that can attack any defense. And it?s simple. But it will really accelerate once your Quarterback is able to start reading coverages.

    This doesn?t have to be a super complicated graduate level class on reading coverages. There?s only a pieces he needs to be aware of before the snap. 4 to be exact.

    Listen to this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast to get your quarterback started on reading coverages. Don?t forget download the PDF document above for the visuals from this episode.

  • S02E11 The 2008 Georgia Military College Playbook

    Thu, 15 Mar 2018 09:30:00 +0000Georgia Military College?s 3-5-3 Defense is the foundation many teams have based their entire playbook around...

    We?re breaking down Georgia Military College?s 2008 Defensive Playbook. You can get the playbook from Coach Hoover?s 3-5 Defense page.

    This is one of the best defensive playbooks we?ve looked at on the podcast. The description is fantastic, and useful for any defensive coach (not just 3-5-3 Defense guys!).

    We?ll look at the GMC Playbook for the fronts, blitz packages, defensive line play, and an in depth look at the coverages. You?re going to want to download this manual too, so click that link above to get it from Coach Hoover?s website!

  • S02E10 Defending Screen Passes in the 33 Stack Defense

    Thu, 08 Mar 2018 11:42:47 +0000Tired of watching a great defense series fall apart on a poor job defending a screen pass? Here?s how to get your 33 Stack Defense ready to stop the Screen Pass.

    Screen passes are great calls for offensive coordinators. When your 33 Stack Defense is really bringing the pressure and getting fired up, a screen pass can cool them down in a hurry.

    In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast I?ll share 6 steps for preparing your 33 Stack Defense to defend the screen. Plus, I?ll share two drills you can use in practice to get your defense ready. You can also download those drill PDFs in the box above here.

  • S02E09 Anatomy of the Screen Game

    Thu, 01 Mar 2018 21:50:08 +0000How can you slow down a hard charging Defensive Line?s pass rush? What?s the right call on 3rd and a mile? Turn to your Screen Game.

    Visit to get the PDF download that goes along with this episode.

    I love calling the screen game in our offense. There are so many situations where it?s the right thing to do.

    A conservative play call when you can?t afford to lose yardage. A potential big gainer when you need a play. And an incomparable tool to help your Offensive Line?s pass protection.

    In this episode, we?re breaking down the anatomy of the Screen Game for your offense. No matter what style of offense you run, screen plays should be a vital part of your offense!

  • S02E08 Wide Receiver Drills for Better Route Running

    Thu, 22 Feb 2018 12:01:43 +0000If you run a passing game based on timing, wide receiver routes have to be perfect. Here?s the progression of Wide Receiver drills to make it happen.

    Coaches love drills. But are those drills actually accomplishing anything?

    The progression of Wide Receiver Drills I?m sharing in today?s Football Coaching Podcast is how you can get your receivers to run the best possible routes to get open on time for your Quarterback.

    You can?t neglect the importance of your receivers being in the right place, in the right time, and being open. It helps them get the ball, but it helps the rest of your team too. Quarterbacks have confidence to deliver the ball. You reduce the amount of time Offensive Linemen need to protect.

    And of course, throwing the ball will help open up your run game.

    Check out this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast for Wide Receiver Drills that will get your receivers open when you need them there!

    The routes I discuss in this podcast are all major parts of our Pistol Power Offense System. You can get all the details at

Heads Up Football- Highlight reel
Posted Apr 7, 2012

Team Eligibility
A player must meet the requirements of a division (Flag, C, B, A) to be eligible to play in that division.  The participant must meet the age and grade requirements for the division in which they wish to play. The official FLYFCL, Inc. Division eligibility is charted below.

Flag:           5, 6 & 7 year olds in Kindergarten, in 1st & 2nd grades
C Team: 8-10 year olds  in 3rd & 4th grades
B-Team: 10-12 year olds in 5th & 6th grades
A-Team: 12-14 year olds  in 7th & 8th grades

A player is eligible to play up one level with Parent and Club approval.
No player is eligible to play down a level.
No player is eligible who is in high school.


*League Age is defined as the players age on December 1 of the current year. Example: If a player turns 14 after December 1 of the current year, they are considered league age 13. This applies to all divisions.

**Requires parental, team and league approval

Important coaching information:

  • Each class within a team shall have no more than one (1) Head Coach, four (4) Assistant Coaches, and at each team’s discretion there shall be no more than three (3) helpers on the sidelines during any scheduled game, at no time is this figure to exceed eight (8) Coaches/Helpers on the sidelines.


  • All individuals accepting an organization’s invitation to serve as Head or Assistant Coach must obtain certification through USA Football.


  • Only the Head Coach may request an interpretation of an Official’s ruling during games.


  • During the first 10 hours of mandatory conditioning, head coaches have the option of having their players wear helmets and/or shoulder pads.