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Welcome to the 2021 Football and Cheer Season

Our next Presidents meeting will be January 26th at 7 pm. We will at the Phelps American Legion.

The position of Treasuer was not filled during elections, if you or someone from your team is interested in fulling this position please reach out to Eric.

This will be an in-person meeting. Per By-laws,each team member will have two (2) representatives to represent the League Member at all FLYFCL, Inc league meetings and every league member must be represented at all League meetings.

Sports Related Concussion Information

Public Health Law - Section 2595. Football programs; information on concussions.

Effective, 12/2/2019 tackle football programs in New York State are required to provide an informational packet about concussions and sub-concussive blows, and the injuries that might occur as a result of receiving such blows, to the parents or guardians of all children participating in tackle football programs.

Tackle football programs include any practice, game or other activity which involves engaging in tackle football and which is organized by a school, adult, or public or private league or other entity whose purpose is to allow children to participate in contact football.

The informational packet of resources provided below can be downloaded free of charge for distribution. Programs can select those resources that are most appropriate. Suggestions for distribution may include posting these resources to program websites, sharing via email or providing in print.

Insurance Claim Procedure

It is the responsiblity of the claimant (player family) to work with the local club to insure that insurance documents are filed in the correct and timely fashion. FLYFCL has no responsibility for claims that were denied for failure to follow the procedures or that are not a covered component of the supplemental accident insurance provided through FLYFCL.

The supplemental accident policy available through FLYFCL is secondary to any insurance that already exists and is subject to a per occurence deductible. A typical claim is paid as below:

Medical Bill: $1000

Your co-pay/deductible: $50

Primary Insurance pays: $400

Club insurance (if any) pays: $100

Supplemental Deductible: $250

Supplemental Insurance: $200


All of the forms required to file an insurance claim are in the table above:

1. Seek the appropriate medical attention for your player/cheerleader

2. File an accident report with your club, who will forward it to FLYFCL. NO CLAIM WILL BE PAID WITHOUT ONE

NOTE: ** Work with your club's insurance representative or First Aid coordinator on the following steps.

The accident/medical coverage for your organization, Finger Lakes Youth Football and Cheerleading League Inc. is a secondary or excess policy, meaning that if a participant (player, coach, umpire) has primary medical insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, etc.), that policy will pay out first.

Please find the medical claim form with detailed instructions on page 1 above in the table.

This coverage is Full Excess, so, if you have Primary Insurance, it must be filed before claims are submitted under this policy.

Completed form must be submitted within 90 days from the date of the accident.

Step 1:

  1. Part I must be completed by a Board Member of the organization (not the Parent, Claimant or Agent);
  2. After reading the Fraud Statement above, the Board Member must sign and date Part I of the form;
  3. Part II must be completed in full by Parent/Guardian or Adult Claimant. Do not omit any information from the Other Insurance Statement and do not answer any question "N/A";
  4. After reading the Fraud Statement above, the Parent/Guardian or Adult Claimant must sign and date Part III the form;
  5. Once the form is completed, keep a copy for your records and mail or fax the completed form to the address shown above.

Step 2:

  1. Advise all doctors/hospitals/medical service providers of this coverage so they may file their claims, to include their HCFA 1500 or UB-04 or UB-92 along with copies of any Primary Insurance Explanations of Benefits ("EOB").
  1. If you have already been to the doctor/hospital and did not know about this coverage, send itemized bills with copies of your Primary Insurance EOB's to the address above. Itemized bills must include the Medical Provider's name, address, Tax

ID Number, telephone number, the name of patient, date(s) of service, diagnosis, and description of treatment including CPT codes and amounts of charges. Payment will be made to the Provider of Service unless a Paid Receipt is submitted with the claim.